Summer Newsletter 2013

Summer is a-coming in
and winter’s gone away…


Dear listies,
as I write this, Calgary and much of Southern Alberta is bailing itself out from the worst flooding in 100 years, my sincere best wishes to my many friends out west who are enduring some of the craziest weather we’ve seen in those parts…
Batten down the hatches Manitoba and Saskatchewan, global warming is here, we are definitely living in interesting times…I’m happy to tell you that Between Hurricanes, my new solo recording which came out earlier this year, has made a lot of headway and I’m into my second pressing of CDs (remember those weird discs… what was the tagline? “Perfect sound forever…” hah!) which still continues to be the coin of the live-touring realm. Well the record has been well received (lots of positive reviews on my website) and more importantly, the new songs translate beautifully to the stage, which was primarily what they were written for. Here is what Ken Kelley had to say about the new recording:
“Much like John Hiatt before him, Nova Scotia’s Stephen Fearing can get away with wearing many musical hats and come out sounding like a winner. Fearing’s newest record leans heavily upon the folk music realm, every song anchored by his earthy, baritone vocals.
There are many highlights to be found on Between Hurricanes including Wheel Of Love and Don’t You Wish Your Bread Was Dough, a song that could have easily been penned by Texan songwriter Guy Clark. Fearing proudly wears his influences while still maintaining a truly original voice.”
As per usual, I am juggling many different balls and wearing a variety of hats and needless to say, there is much to tell you about, so I’ll get right to it.

Roots On The Wire – Live Streaming Concerts!


Roots on The Wire, a Live-Stream Concert Series

The idea behind this  series was hatched by my friend Matt Charlton and I over coffee one afternoon. We thought it would be exciting to put together a series of three concerts that are only accessible via the internet, so if you’re up at a cottage or still stuck in the city on the last Wednesday of June, July or August, you can tune in for a live mini-festival concert set from the comfort of your own WiFi. As well as the music, we will have a chat-room area where you can talk amongst yourselves without getting any dirty looks from fellow concert-goers, or ask me questions between songs… like “Why did you write that one Stephen?”, “What gauge strings do you use Stephen?”, “Is that water glass full of water Stephen?”… you get the picture. The idea is that we can interact, although mostly I will be playing and hopefully you will be listening. This is a big world and that proves to be a challenge when it comes to picking a time when everybody can watch (and I can get to bed at a reasonable hour!) so…  shows will all kick off at 11:00pm NST / 10:30pm AST / 9:30pm EST / 8:30pm CST / 7:30 MST and 6:30pm PST  Confused? –check here). West Coasters can watch right after dinner and Newfoundlanders can watch on their laptop in bed… or when they get home from the pub. The rest of you? Well I hope it fits in with your  plans… what else were you going to do on a Wednesday evening? As for my friends in other parts of the world, I realise that the timing will make it difficult for you to tune in, however, I am hoping that there is enough interest in these shows, that I can start to plan for time-zones much further afield (Hello UK, Europe, Eire… Asia!). So mark these dates on your calendar and plan to sit out on the back-deck or drag a deckchair out to the dock and put something decent in the ice bucket. Please tell your friends, I’ll do everything I can to publicise these shows (I’ll be tweeting using #rootsonthewire), but the more people you can tell, re-post to, tweet, talk to at the water cooler etc. etc. – the better. I will post each event on Facebook and hopefully you can make one or more of the shows. Further details and a link for the concerts are at

Show #1: June 26th -my current touring show
This show will be drawing from what is currently on my playlist in concert with the odd surprise thrown in… dealers choice. The show will be approximately 1.5 hours long comprising of roughly 14 songs.

Show #2 – July 31st – Yellowjacket
The Yellowjacket album in it’s entirety from beginning to end, solo and acoustic. I’ve never done this before, so it should be interesting to play these songs back to back. 11 songs. Probably about an hour+ with the stories behind the songs (tunings – guitar geek alert!) and other fascinating trivia.

Show #3 – August 28th – Fan’s Choice
You choose the setlist –  Send in a list  of your favourite 12 tunes. Songs that get the most votes will be played. Songs can be drawn from SF Solo, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Fearing & White… if I can play it (and enough of you vote for it) I will. Sign up for my mailing list and send your songlist to

Summer Touring


This summer is a mixed bag of solo work, shows with Blackie and The Rodeo Kings and the Roots On The Wire Live Stream Broadcasts. Further details are available at, but here are the highlights:

July 31, 2013
Live Webcast, Nova Scotia
August 30, 2013
Live Webcast, Nova Scotia
October 5-6, 2013

UK Tour Confirmed for October / November


I’m very close to announcing my UK tour dates… but still have a few tweaks to make in the schedule before setting out the schedule. Many of you guys over that side of the pond have been writing to ask about UK dates this fall and I’m happy to tell you that I’m definitely coming over, but still not sure exactly where/when. When I do get there (probably mid October) I will be performing all the songs off the new album and whatever else you want to hear OK? Promise! In the meantime- keep your eye out for Maverick Magazine and R2 as both of those excellent publications will have one of my new songs from Between Hurricanes on their sampler CDs. In the meantime stay tuned for those UK dates.

Fearing & White – Tea and Confidences


Andy and I plan to meet up in Los Angeles July 1st to listen to mixes of Tea and Confidences, the new Fearing & White album, due for release in Canada – March 2014. Tea and Confidences is vintage Fearing & White – mostly written over a 4 day marathon writing-jag on Saltspring Island last summer, with a couple of songs already in the bag from an earlier  session. Last July, we had a few days off between the Vancouver Folk Festival and The Islands Festival in Duncan and were lucky enough to score a small cottage (Frida’s Villa) near Fulford Harbour on Saltspring and started writing… honestly, I don’t think either of us had a clue that we would cover so much ground, but when we left, the album was pretty much written. I’ll tell you more ab out it when we get closer to the release date. We are making plans to tour western Canada – March/April 2014 and Central Canada in the fall of 2014 with further plans to return to the UK winter 2014. Stay tuned for more details or visit

Blackie and The Rodeo Kings – South


South – the new album by Blackie and The Rodeo Kings is almost completed. I was just down in Nashville for a couple of days to listen to mixes at Colin Linden’s beautiful new studio and I’m really happy to tell you that it is unlike anything we have done before. Over many months of touring Kings and Queens, we found ourselves in a lot of tiny radio stations,  singing and playing into one or two microphones with just our acoustic guitars… at some point we decided that we wanted to make a record like this, unplugged, recorded quickly and with the intention of putting across the acoustic side of the band, something we have toyed with on other records, but never fully realised. So stay tuned for South, a whole slew of new songs, a sound you haven’t heard from us before in an album package that features my photographs (rah, rah!). For more info and for tour dates specific to B&RK go to

Art prints and transcriptions


As mentioned in a previous newsletter, I have finally gotten myself organised enough to put up a number of song transcriptions for purchase and download. I will continue to add to this catalog as time permits. A number of you have already purchased some of these and for that I am grateful… in fact I had the great pleasure of signing a transcription of Whoville for a young man in Alberta on the last tour. He said the transcription was bang-on accurate and that makes me happy, since I don’t read or write tab or notation! Here’s the link to the transcription page. Also – a number of my original photographs have been uploaded to my Photodeck online-gallery. These images can also be purchased from my website and come in a number of different sizes printed on archival paper, stretched canvas, matted or plain, it’s up to you. The Photodeck interface is very smooth and easy to manage, so check it out. I have a lot of images still to upload and this part of my site will be changing and improving greatly over the next few months. For those of you in the Ottawa Valley, I’m pretty chuffed to let you know that I will be mounting my first exhibit at Guild Galerie 240  (240 Guigues Ave. in Ottawa ) Oct. 4th –  6th 2013. The opening on the 4th is a private event but the 5th and 6th are open to the public. if you are in the area and can make I’d be happy to see you.



So that’s it for now, tomorrow I will be going through a dress-rehearsal of all the technical and audio gear for the first Roots On The Wire Concert streaming live on Wednesday at 10:30pm AST. I hope you can make it and I look forward to crossing paths with you soon. In the meantime, as always – Thanks for listening!