Roots On the Wire #2 – YellowJacket – Following The Big Beat – July 31st

I’m starting to prepare for the next Roots On The Wire concert. Live-stream Show#2 will feature the entire Yellowjacket album played for the first time, entirely acoustically from start to finish. For more information on the series, click here. The First show was a bit of a trial by fire, but went off swimmingly with about 250 people in attendance (from all over the continent) and a lively chat room pinging back and forth during the performance. We are working on a couple of issues that emerged up during the show the feed dropped out a few times (at regular intervals, which we think we can solve) and lighting. But overall the sound quality was excellent and people seemed pretty happy. I hope you can make the next one July 31st. Please tell your friends and re-tweet, re-post whenever you get a chance, this is grass roots at it’s finest.