Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus

October 9th 2014
FlockDesigners want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like Spring.
I feel like a warm red Autumn.
Marilyn Monroe


And so the season changes again and with my nose to the grindstone, I look up in surprise at the gold, the red and the brown falling lazily… who knows where the time goes.


I’ve just returned from San Francisco and the amazing Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival where Blackie And The Rodeo kings performed alongside an astounding list of performers, icons and alchemists from the roots-music world. The history of the festival, now in it’s 14th year is one of generosity, vision and a great love for this genre of music. Check out their site for details on how they got started and the gift that Warren Hellman has given to the city of San Francisco and to musicians from far and wide. This video is an interview with Warren Hellman and gives a great sense of the man and the festival.

Prior to HSB, Blackie and The Rodeo kings performed in the UK at The Shrewsbury Festival  where we had a blast and managed to top the sales list at the merch tent. As the summer wound down,  I was out on the road with Fearing & White in Ontario and Alberta, continuing the Tea and Confidences Tour that we started earlier this year, when we released the new album. Adding drums to our show has really upped the ante and I’m thrilled to be a part of this trio, be it with Kent Macrae; our drummer out west, or Gary Craig; (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings) in Ontario.

It’s been a busy summer as I split my time between gigs, festivals, various different bands and my home, which is slowly but surely being packed away into boxes as my family and I prepare ourselves for another BIG move from East to West. Yes I am uprooting myself one more to time to return to The West Coast of Canada, where (in many ways) this adventure started. We are looking to buy a place in Victoria but first we have to sell our house here in Halifax and say “see ya later” to some great friends and colleagues. So I’ll make this newsletter brief as I have to take advantage of the decent weather and get some more painting done before the weather turns and I become a leaf collector… oy!

PS. for those of you who are still asking about my “Twitter War” with Air Canada, scroll down to –

The Inexcusable Case of the Missing Manzer and The Righteous Power of Social Media



SOLO TOURphoto 2

(all tourdates/details are on my tourpage)




Oct. 10th – St. Johns

Oct. 11th – Freshwater Carbonear

Oct. 12th – English Harbour


Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick


Oct. 17th – Mount Stewart PE

Oct. 18th – Sackville NB

Oct. 24th – Mahone Bay NS


Blackie and The Rodeo Kings

(tourdates at


Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia


Nov. 9th – Ajax, On._DSC1034

Nov. 10th – Barrie, On.

Nov. 12th  -Woodstock, On.

Nov. 13th – Midland, On.

Nov. 14th – Hamilton, On.

Nov. 15th – Parry Sound, On.

Nov. 17th – Halifax, NS.

Nov. 18th – Halifax, NS.

Nov. 20th – Lindsay, On.

Nov. 21st – Burnstown, On

Nov. 22nd – Quebec City, QC.

Nov. 23rd – Montreal, QC.



As always, thanks for listening. More touring coming in the new year… of course!






Fearing & White back on tour with Tea and Confidences.

August 31st 2014

F&W - Red Deer -B&W - Rob HamillFriends – Fearing & White are back out on tour in Ontario and Alberta in Sept. I will send out a newsletter when I get a chance, but in the meantime, here are the dates we have planned. We are excited to get back out after a few summer festival shows and especially happy to welcome Gary Craig (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Tom Cochrane, Anne Murray, Colin Linden Band etc…) to join us on drums for the Ontario dates. Gary was the primary drummer who played on the recording of Tea and Confidences. In Alberta we will once again be joined by Calgary’s own powerhouse Kent Macrae.



Fearing & White at The Neat, Burnstown ON
Fearing & White at Aeolian Hall, London ON
Fearing & White at Acoustic Grill, Picton ON
Fearing & White at the EBar, Guelph ON
Fearing & White at Moonshine Cafe, Oakville ON
Fearing & White at Hugh’s Room, Toronto ON
Fearing & White at Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield QC
Fearing & White at Pearl Company, Hamilton ON
Fearing & White at Ye Olde Jar Bar, Medicine Hat AB
Fearing & White at Private Event, Lethbridge AB

The Inexcusable Case of the Missing Manzer and The Righteous Power of Social Media

August 29th 2014

Dear Friends ie. people who care enough to rally behind me and make a huge company like Air Canada pay attention. This past 48 hrs has been a wild ride and a very good lesson in communication and not taking “we don’t know” for an answer. Last weekend (Aug 24th- 26th), Blackie and the Rodeo Kings  played a series of three very successful  shows over two days at the wonderful Shrewsbury Festival. It was a very brief trip and we were only there for 48 hours after which we all scattered in various directions.

bh-pkI finally arrived in Halifax after an especially grueling trip (Manchester – Heathrow – Halifax) hauling my guitar, two suitcases and two carry-ons (I brought the remainder of the merch back to Canada and that’s a lot of crap for one sleep-deprived muso to wrestle between terminals at Heathrow ) After clambering off the plane, I waited in line to get through customs before heading to the baggage carousel with my fellow travelers. Cue the usual wait until the light above carousel 2 flashed and we all gathered like vultures to claim our luggage. Both my suitcases arrived quickly and as guitars often come off last (special handling) I wasn’t too worried as I watched the crowd around the carousel dwindle. However, when the same three bags kept re-appearing on the belt until it finally stopped moving, I knew that something had gone wrong and I was in for the long haul. This is NOT the first time an airline has lost my luggage, nor will it be the last. I always make sure that each piece has lots of identifying features, names, telephone number etc. but it’s still a pain in the arse and anxiety creeps up on you. In the past, when Air Canada has lost my stuff, I’ve gone through the usual rigamarole – fill out the missing luggage file, get a card with a 1-800 number and then start waiting. Anybody who has been through this (and I suspect we all have) can skip the next part, but if you haven’t had an airline lose your luggage (or your guitar!!!) give yourself a pat on the back and then get ready, because it’s going to happen. (Btw – so far, my best experience has been with West Jet who do not refer you to an offshore call center, but deal with it locally and when the missing piece arrives, give you the option of coming to the airport and picking it up yourself in exchange for an airline credit – thereby making you feel like you have some control and saving the airline some courier fees – smart!). I’ve often found the people at the ariport who have the thankless job of cleaning up the mess made by the baggage handlers can be surly and non-communicative, though not always… but this time the guy at Air Canada was cheery and though I was frustrated, I did not vent my spleen on him. However, when he let slip that Terminal 2 at Heathrow (the new “Queens Terminal”) was “notorious” for misplacing luggage, I got even more apprehensive. That night I said a prayer to Saint Townshend ( patron saint of lost or broken guitars…) and turned out the light.

Next morning, I began the adventure by calling the 1-800 number and predictably was put on hold for 30 minutes *why, oh why do they have to play the same garbled dreck that passes for music ON REPEAT when they make you wait… interspersed with curt messages telling you that “call volume is heavier than anticipated” and “your patience is appreciated” also garbled and repeated endlessly). I finally got through to a young woman, “Karen”, at the call center in Delhi  who apologised “for the inconvenience” before informing me that they had no status updates and please call back later. I hung up the phone and fired off my first tweet The guitar @aircanada has LOST (“delayed luggage” my arse) is my precious Manzer. If you feel my pain, please RT followed up by a Facebook post. I’m sure you all remember Dave Carroll’s excellent bit of guerrilla theatre when he posted a youtube of the songs “United Breaks Guitars” (14,185,762 hits to date !!!) and after more than a year of fruitless calling and letter-writing, shamed United Airlines into making good on his broken guitar. The power of social media (in this case Youtube) was breathtaking and for the next couple of years, there were a lot of jokes from friends and strangers alike about flying United. I was definitely thinking about that video when I started composing this first tweet and as that first day wore on and still “no status updates” from Air Canada were forthcoming, I realised that I could not sit back and wait for them to do the right thing. I also very quickly realised the following: 1- Karen in Delhi had no more information than me (you can view the status of your lost luggage on Air Canada’s website). 2 – Karen is hired by a third party call center who’s sole job is to field calls from irate customers like myself. She is not an employee of Air Canada and I was just another angry, disembodied voice calling for information that she does not have. What surprised me to learn later (I made several calls to “Karen” and “Michael” and “John” before getting through to a supervisor “Damon”) is that until your lost luggage is scanned on it’s way to it’s next destination, nobody but the ground crew at the airport, knows where it is… it is NOT in the system. So the sad truth is that the only number you can call for information on your lost luggage puts you in touch with somebody who has no more information than you do AND there is nobody else at Air Canada who you can call… they all refer you back to Karen in Delhi = stonewall. Obviously one has to take a different tack and just like Dave Carroll, I realised that the only way to get their attention was if I asked for a little help from my friends. I stepped up the Tweets and started to target specific fans, friends and twitter addresses that would retweet and who also might be interested in the story.

singerBy the way, this is not just any guitar, Built in 1989 by the legendary Canadian Luthier Linda Manzer  this is the guitar that has  appeared on countless national and international festival, club, and concert  stages. This guitar played The Grand Ol’ Opry, Massey Hall, The National Art’s Center, Womad, The Kennedy Center, Royal Festival Hall etc. etc. This is my guitar, a precious thing that I often spend more time with than my family… I knew that I had to get this message out and that the only way I would get Air Canada’s attention was through the fear of bad PR. After 24 hrs of sustained tweeting, the story was alive and people were retweeting, reposting and composing their own messages, all using the @aircanada address so that there was no way they could ignore the issue which was quickly going viral. I knew that I was getting their attention when @aircanada began tweeting directly to me, this told me that somebody in the PR department had picked up on it and that a completely different part of the company was now engaged. More importantly it meant that I had broken past the stonewall of the call center in Delhi and was now dealing locally where the full impact of this kind of bad PR would actually mean anything at all. I’d love to re-print all the tweets that people came up with, it’s astounding how creative a mind can get with only 140 characters… everything from sorrow to outrage to serious finger pointing with a variety of hashtags like #stillmissing #findtheguitar #believe(!) started to circulate and within a very short time I had a Twitterstorm on my hands… or rather @aircanada did. Facebook was also a big part of this as people commented on my posts with words of encouragement, stories of their own lost-luggage nightmares, a song! (by my friend Dan Fewings) and more ideas for ways to rattle Air Canada’s cage, including the suggestion that I start e-mailing Calvin Rovinescu the Chief Executive Officer at AC <> which I did and suggested that others should too (which they did). I’m lucky in that I have “followers” and “Likes” that number in the thousands, so if I want to get the word out, I can (although I wish to God I could drum up that kind of attention for new CD releases or shows… but that’s another story). I KNOW that without that kind of clout, this would not have happened and certainly the next thing that transpired would likely not have happened either.

Day two arrived with still no word of even where the guitar was, never mind when I would get it back… I started thinking about my friend Don Ross’s harrowing story of a lost guitar that completely vanished for years(?) I can’t recall all the details but I seem to remember him finally picking though the contents of one of those fabled lost-luggage warehouses where old “delayed baggage” goes to die and finally finding his guitar – moral of the story if you want to get it done, do it yourself. I continued tweeting, re-tweeting and FBing myself silly, letting that addiction that many of us in the arts who use these tools have, run rampant. I had just come home from a short tour and yet I was holed up in my office pecking away at my computer and ignoring my family, but goddamit, it was working. CBC Halifax got in touch to ask if I wanted to talk about the story on-air that afternoon. Of course I did! and I made sure that @aircanada knew I was going on national radio to talk about their fuckup. About two hours before the broadcast, I got a call from “Sandy” at the AC lost luggage counter at Halifax Airport who repeated the by-now-familiar “we have no further update”. We discussed the problems with Terminal 2 at Heathrow and she informed me that Terminal 2 is supposed to be the terminal for all 28 Star Alliance members (Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss United!…). She said that when the terminal was built, a new company was hired to deal with the vast (imagine!) logistics of dealing with all that luggage and that they were constantly screwing up. She said if you were transferring through terminal 2,  it was even worse and that she was constantly dealing with “delayed” (I love how they’ve started using that term instead of “lost”) luggage from that glossy new space. When I told her I was going on National Radio shortly there was an audible pause and then she told me she’d be listening and asked me to keep my phone on in case they got word before I went on air. I got the sense that as soon as our call was over, she was going to be burning up the phonelines to London, Montreal and Toronto. There is a saying that goes “there’s no such thing as bad press” but I’m not sure if this is the case. Perhaps the fact that @aircanada  received a blip on twitter over the past few days does them more good than harm, but given the fact that they were now calling and tweeting me directly seems to make the case that they wanted this bad press to stop. Anyway I did the interview with Bill Roach (CBC Mainstreet Halifax) and shortly thereafter the story was posted on CBC’s website under the heading Stephen Fearing Wages Twitter War and then the Toronto Sun website picked up the story as did several other sites and newsfeeds. Within 15 minutes of that interview ending, I got a call from Air Canada saying they had found the guitar and that it would be on the next direct flight from Heathrow to Halifax… coincidence? I think not. I think that because you guys circled the wagons and kicked up a big fuss on my behalf, Air Canada was forced to pay attention and when the national media jumped on board they HAD to make things right. So first and foremost A great big THANKYOU to all of you who joined the fight and gave me some of your precious time.

Air Canada is a bit like the Catholic Church in that not all employees are evil, emotionless psycopaths… and for sure there are a few folks who, over the years, wearing an Air Canada uniform, have helped me out or provided customer service that was beyond exemplary. Sadly it is only a few though. Mostly it has been a neutral or negative experience. So why do I keep going back to them? Sometimes I have no choice is the honest answer. Despite what you may have heard, you can make tens of dollars in this business and I have to spend them where I get the most bang for my buck. I cannot afford to fly with my guitar in the seat beside me and I already have too much carry-on (computers and guitar pre-amps/pedals are very, very fragile) to be able to do the gate-check or carry on routine that many of you have suggested, besides I’m paying them to ship me and my luggage from A to B intact and that is the contract we make when I open my wallet right? Other airlines seem to pull this off with aplomb and a smile (mostly) and when they do fuck up, they resolve it with a sense of professionalism (mostly). Air Canada is going to have to take a long hard look at who they have hired to see to their baggage logistics (I’m not even mentioning their in-flight crews). Terminal 2 has been open for two months and already has a reputation for poor service, yes it is a beautiful space, but who cares about cool lighting and artwork if they lose your precious baby? I guess there is nothing more to say except, no matter if you are lucky enough (as am I) to have access to a lot of Twitter accounts etc or not, if they lose your stuff, do not sit still and wait for them to make it right, they may not. When traveling and the inevitable happens, your only recourse is to start yelling loudly and pointedly at the people who can do something about it and sadly that is not Karen in Delhi, nor the poor stiffs behind the desk at the airport your luggage did not arrive at. You must get active with other ticket buying punters and get the attention of those in a position to do something more than file a report. Here’s my guitar… she made it home one more time

photo 3 with a RUSH tag attached – Hah!


(delivered in a car by an Air Canada employee?). photo 1


Thanks again to all of you who jumped to my aid, I am most grateful!


photo 2

PS – This sad story made the  Six o’clock national news… I don’t know quite what to make of that.


Canadian Folk music Awards – Interview Clip

August 21st 2014

Image 3A nice interview clip from last year’s CFMA awards. Interview with my old friend Suze Casey of the Legendary Calgary Folk Club talking with me between set. Love you Suze! Thanks to Dawn Harwood Jones who edited this and Andy Frank.

Winter 2014 – South with B&RK, Tea and Confidences with F&W, Between Hurricanes marches on, Stephen Fearing Photography….

February 23rd 2014

Holy Polar Vortex Batman! What a winter… Blizzard? I actually broke the pull-cord on my snowblower last week, not because the damn thing won’t start (I had it tuned up at the start of the winter and it’s a been a “first pull every time” machine) but because I’ve been starting it so much this winter. AND, that’s just when I’m home, out on the road, it’s been more of the same + sub zero etc. etc. Makes for interesting driving conditions that’s for sure. This shot was taken flying out of Calgary right before Christmas… first time I’ve seen ground-crew pushing a baggage cart through the snow. To all my friends in the UK and Ireland, I’ve been following your version of this with awe: floods, high winds, rain, tidal surges – makes you wonder about this global warming thing eh? Typical  Canadian – starts his conversation with weather (cold enough for ya?). OK onto the business…
See below for info on –
SOUTH, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings’ new album and tour schedule.
TEA and CONFIDENCES, Fearing and White’s soon to be released 2nd album and upcoming tour schedule.
BETWEEN HURRICANES, the story continues.
STEPHEN FEARING PHOTOGRAPHY, more exhibitions and further updates.


SOUTH Blackie and The Rodeo Kings on Tour

I just found out that we have been invited to play The Grand Ol’ Opry March 8th in Nashville. Unbelievable!

demonstrates that Blackie and the Rodeo Kings are capable of doing just about anything they set their minds too
No Depression.
Yep,  South is out and ringing the bell on both sides of the border. Currently in the top 10 of the Canadian top 50 / #1 in the Canadian Folk/Roots/Blues chart AND #11 in the US Americana charts, this album seems to be connecting with folks on the airwaves and is definitely connecting live as we’ve witnessed from our last 20 sold-out shows. Our tour schedule (so far) took us through Southern Ontario, before heading  up North (Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Fort Frances, Red Lake, Thunder Bay), a quick dash through Alberta and out to The West Coast, where we taped a segment for CBC Radio  (+ video for the web) in Vancouver, which will be broadcast in the near future. We are all home now, taking a break from touring for a week or so, before heading down to the states – tour details are here My sense is that this record will have us touring and playing north and south of the border for some time to come and with any luck will open many more doors in the US and elsewhere. As the Hamilton Spectator said – If you think 50 is when your creativity starts waning, or if you think it’s a time when your career has probably reached its zenith, you should introduce yourself to the world of Tom Wilson, Stephen Fearing and Colin Linden. Plans for the next B&RK record are underway and we will likely start pre-production in the next month or so… make hay while the sun shines right?
For more tour info and updates on the bands progress + links to buy SOUTH and all our other recordings, T-Shirts etc. got to

PS. SOUTH will be available on VINYL April 19th at our website


Fearing & White – Tea and Confidences AND our NEW website!!

As any cook knows, when several pots come to a boil at the same time, all you can do is sling that food and start serving…
which is how I feel launching F&W’s new Tea and Confidences as South is bubbling over. C’est la music-business-vie!
Our first album entitled Fearing& White – was written in week-long sessions over about ten years, but with Andy and I both so busy these days, and (still) living on opposite sides of the planet, we knew that we would have to work fast to write the the new one… to cut a long story short, we basically wrote Tea and Confidences in two short bursts of inspired madness (a brief stint in January 2012 at my house in Halifax got the ball rolling, followed by a 4 day write-athon on Saltspring Island in August 2012, where we nailed 11 songs and killed a few bottles of wine). The album was recorded in Guelph – January 2013, at Scott Merritt’s The Cottage studio with Gary Craig on drums/percussion with special guests: Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies) – Harmonica and Ray Farrugia (LeE HarvEy Osmond) – Drums. This new recording is a big step forward for Fearing & White,  and as our bio says,  … sounds like each man’s most urgent statement to date. The songs are filled with big tones and the pure excitement of creation. … guitar-driven rock numbers built around jukebox-ready grooves (“We Came Together”, “Sanctuary”) and aching harmonies with no-frills arrangements on ballads (“Emigrant Song”, “Another Time Another Place”). On Tea and Confidences it’s all brought to life with a spark and the spirit of discovery hanging thick in the air.” You want to hear (and download) a cut? Click here, have a listen and share it with your pals... you’re welcome : – )

New Website –  It’s hard to keep up with all the various social network, the tweeting, FBing and instagraming gets a leeetle overwhelming at times, so why even bother with an old-school website one wonders ? Well I still believe in them, it’s just keeping them fresh that’s hard. Oh well, with fresh resolve to post regularly, I’m happy to tell you that the new improved and oh-so-sexy Fearing & White website is up and running. Click here! And if you are an instagram-er, please hashtag anything remotely connected to us as #fearingandwhite and voila, watch it appear on our site.


Tour plans are coming together quickly with twenty plus shows booked across western Canada in March and April, plans for the summer and fall are afoot and, well, it’s going to be “interesting” to see if I can keep all the balls in the air. Here are our tour dates.


Between Hurricanes – the Further Adventures of

BETWEEN HURRICANES. It seems like ages since I released this, my ninth album, but it’s only been a little over a year…. time flies etc.
I’ve been touring hard across Canada and overseas in the UK. Much as I love the camaraderie of the bands I am part of, there is nothing quite like the solitude of one vocal mic. and this past year, it has been a great pleasure to jump in the rental with just my gear , a few boxes of CDS and a suitcase and hit the road, stopping when and where I want for coffee or a photo that catches my eye. So much water under the bridge in a year… I even made it into  the world of fiction as referenced by a character in Nicholson Baker’s new novel –  Traveling Sprinkler. Between Hurricanes has been well received and if I am lucky, there will be time down the road to revisit some of the new places I got to on the last tour across Canada, The States and The UK (hello Liverpool!).  Many thanks to those who came out to the shows last year and to those who showed great hospitality and kindness in booking, feeding and watering me…. In the meantime, I thought you all might want to know that the album was made “Album of The Week” by BBC Scotland and was nominated for a few Canadian Folk Music Awards and just recently, an East Coast Music Award. The critics are still weighing in.
“… wielding metaphor like Richard Thompson at his fighting weight” – Nine Bullets


Stephen Fearing Photography

I’ve been taking photographs for years… My first camera was a Bakelite brownie (O-L-D!) and there have been several since, including a beautiful Pentax that my sister Jane gave me years ago… however, like a lot of people, it was seeing and capturing the image that I loved and mostly I was  disappointed by the prints that came back from the lab, if I even got as far as printing them. More often than not, there was a collection of unprocessed films crowding the eggs in my fridge…  then I got a laptop, digital photography arrived and the whole game changed for me. You see, one thing a touring musician has in abundance, is time to kill. In between the planes and automobiles, the sound checks and hotel rooms, the hurry up and wait, there is plenty of time for messing with images and I have gradually learned my way into the wonderfully complex world of photographic software. The circle is complete for me now and the next logical step is album covers  which I achieved on Between Hurricanes and more recently, South. I’ve also branched out into selling prints on-line through my website (click here) and am also bringing gorgeous poster prints with me to sell on the road. Even more exciting, I’ve had a few gallery exhibitions and am planning more in the future. Diversify or die right? Multiple income streams!!!

So that’s it for this newsletter, I will keep you updated on my various endeavors (have no fear). If you’ve read this all the way through, gold star! As my stepfather used to say – go to the head of the class and kiss the teacher…. and thanks for listening

Between The Rumble Strips goes to Guelph

January 14th 2014

Between The Rumble Strips smallJanuary 20th The eBar in Guelph

Between The Rumble Strips

My debut collection of photographs.

here’s the FB Event link for details.

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