Canadian Folk music Awards – Interview Clip

August 21st 2014

Image 3A nice interview clip from last year’s CFMA awards. Interview with my old friend Suze Casey of the Legendary Calgary Folk Club talking with me between set. Love you Suze! Thanks to Dawn Harwood Jones who edited this and Andy Frank.

Winter 2014 – South with B&RK, Tea and Confidences with F&W, Between Hurricanes marches on, Stephen Fearing Photography….

February 23rd 2014

Holy Polar Vortex Batman! What a winter… Blizzard? I actually broke the pull-cord on my snowblower last week, not because the damn thing won’t start (I had it tuned up at the start of the winter and it’s a been a “first pull every time” machine) but because I’ve been starting it so much this winter. AND, that’s just when I’m home, out on the road, it’s been more of the same + sub zero etc. etc. Makes for interesting driving conditions that’s for sure. This shot was taken flying out of Calgary right before Christmas… first time I’ve seen ground-crew pushing a baggage cart through the snow. To all my friends in the UK and Ireland, I’ve been following your version of this with awe: floods, high winds, rain, tidal surges – makes you wonder about this global warming thing eh? Typical  Canadian – starts his conversation with weather (cold enough for ya?). OK onto the business…
See below for info on –
SOUTH, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings’ new album and tour schedule.
TEA and CONFIDENCES, Fearing and White’s soon to be released 2nd album and upcoming tour schedule.
BETWEEN HURRICANES, the story continues.
STEPHEN FEARING PHOTOGRAPHY, more exhibitions and further updates.


SOUTH Blackie and The Rodeo Kings on Tour

I just found out that we have been invited to play The Grand Ol’ Opry March 8th in Nashville. Unbelievable!

demonstrates that Blackie and the Rodeo Kings are capable of doing just about anything they set their minds too
No Depression.
Yep,  South is out and ringing the bell on both sides of the border. Currently in the top 10 of the Canadian top 50 / #1 in the Canadian Folk/Roots/Blues chart AND #11 in the US Americana charts, this album seems to be connecting with folks on the airwaves and is definitely connecting live as we’ve witnessed from our last 20 sold-out shows. Our tour schedule (so far) took us through Southern Ontario, before heading  up North (Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Fort Frances, Red Lake, Thunder Bay), a quick dash through Alberta and out to The West Coast, where we taped a segment for CBC Radio  (+ video for the web) in Vancouver, which will be broadcast in the near future. We are all home now, taking a break from touring for a week or so, before heading down to the states – tour details are here My sense is that this record will have us touring and playing north and south of the border for some time to come and with any luck will open many more doors in the US and elsewhere. As the Hamilton Spectator said – If you think 50 is when your creativity starts waning, or if you think it’s a time when your career has probably reached its zenith, you should introduce yourself to the world of Tom Wilson, Stephen Fearing and Colin Linden. Plans for the next B&RK record are underway and we will likely start pre-production in the next month or so… make hay while the sun shines right?
For more tour info and updates on the bands progress + links to buy SOUTH and all our other recordings, T-Shirts etc. got to

PS. SOUTH will be available on VINYL April 19th at our website


Fearing & White – Tea and Confidences AND our NEW website!!

As any cook knows, when several pots come to a boil at the same time, all you can do is sling that food and start serving…
which is how I feel launching F&W’s new Tea and Confidences as South is bubbling over. C’est la music-business-vie!
Our first album entitled Fearing& White – was written in week-long sessions over about ten years, but with Andy and I both so busy these days, and (still) living on opposite sides of the planet, we knew that we would have to work fast to write the the new one… to cut a long story short, we basically wrote Tea and Confidences in two short bursts of inspired madness (a brief stint in January 2012 at my house in Halifax got the ball rolling, followed by a 4 day write-athon on Saltspring Island in August 2012, where we nailed 11 songs and killed a few bottles of wine). The album was recorded in Guelph – January 2013, at Scott Merritt’s The Cottage studio with Gary Craig on drums/percussion with special guests: Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies) – Harmonica and Ray Farrugia (LeE HarvEy Osmond) – Drums. This new recording is a big step forward for Fearing & White,  and as our bio says,  … sounds like each man’s most urgent statement to date. The songs are filled with big tones and the pure excitement of creation. … guitar-driven rock numbers built around jukebox-ready grooves (“We Came Together”, “Sanctuary”) and aching harmonies with no-frills arrangements on ballads (“Emigrant Song”, “Another Time Another Place”). On Tea and Confidences it’s all brought to life with a spark and the spirit of discovery hanging thick in the air.” You want to hear (and download) a cut? Click here, have a listen and share it with your pals... you’re welcome : – )

New Website –  It’s hard to keep up with all the various social network, the tweeting, FBing and instagraming gets a leeetle overwhelming at times, so why even bother with an old-school website one wonders ? Well I still believe in them, it’s just keeping them fresh that’s hard. Oh well, with fresh resolve to post regularly, I’m happy to tell you that the new improved and oh-so-sexy Fearing & White website is up and running. Click here! And if you are an instagram-er, please hashtag anything remotely connected to us as #fearingandwhite and voila, watch it appear on our site.


Tour plans are coming together quickly with twenty plus shows booked across western Canada in March and April, plans for the summer and fall are afoot and, well, it’s going to be “interesting” to see if I can keep all the balls in the air. Here are our tour dates.


Between Hurricanes – the Further Adventures of

BETWEEN HURRICANES. It seems like ages since I released this, my ninth album, but it’s only been a little over a year…. time flies etc.
I’ve been touring hard across Canada and overseas in the UK. Much as I love the camaraderie of the bands I am part of, there is nothing quite like the solitude of one vocal mic. and this past year, it has been a great pleasure to jump in the rental with just my gear , a few boxes of CDS and a suitcase and hit the road, stopping when and where I want for coffee or a photo that catches my eye. So much water under the bridge in a year… I even made it into  the world of fiction as referenced by a character in Nicholson Baker’s new novel –  Traveling Sprinkler. Between Hurricanes has been well received and if I am lucky, there will be time down the road to revisit some of the new places I got to on the last tour across Canada, The States and The UK (hello Liverpool!).  Many thanks to those who came out to the shows last year and to those who showed great hospitality and kindness in booking, feeding and watering me…. In the meantime, I thought you all might want to know that the album was made “Album of The Week” by BBC Scotland and was nominated for a few Canadian Folk Music Awards and just recently, an East Coast Music Award. The critics are still weighing in.
“… wielding metaphor like Richard Thompson at his fighting weight” – Nine Bullets


Stephen Fearing Photography

I’ve been taking photographs for years… My first camera was a Bakelite brownie (O-L-D!) and there have been several since, including a beautiful Pentax that my sister Jane gave me years ago… however, like a lot of people, it was seeing and capturing the image that I loved and mostly I was  disappointed by the prints that came back from the lab, if I even got as far as printing them. More often than not, there was a collection of unprocessed films crowding the eggs in my fridge…  then I got a laptop, digital photography arrived and the whole game changed for me. You see, one thing a touring musician has in abundance, is time to kill. In between the planes and automobiles, the sound checks and hotel rooms, the hurry up and wait, there is plenty of time for messing with images and I have gradually learned my way into the wonderfully complex world of photographic software. The circle is complete for me now and the next logical step is album covers  which I achieved on Between Hurricanes and more recently, South. I’ve also branched out into selling prints on-line through my website (click here) and am also bringing gorgeous poster prints with me to sell on the road. Even more exciting, I’ve had a few gallery exhibitions and am planning more in the future. Diversify or die right? Multiple income streams!!!

So that’s it for this newsletter, I will keep you updated on my various endeavors (have no fear). If you’ve read this all the way through, gold star! As my stepfather used to say – go to the head of the class and kiss the teacher…. and thanks for listening

Between The Rumble Strips goes to Guelph

January 14th 2014

Between The Rumble Strips smallJanuary 20th The eBar in Guelph

Between The Rumble Strips

My debut collection of photographs.

here’s the FB Event link for details.

Between The Rumble Strips

September 29th 2013

My first gallery show of original photographs!

Between the rumble strips OCT4

Fall 2013 “Over the sea and across the continent”

September 20th 2013

All The Leaves are Brown…  Greetings!

 Fall, Autumn, The Rag End of Summer – my favourite time of year.
Dear Listie’s
I’m starting this newsletter in the sunny confines of the Vancouver Airport whilst I await the third flight of the day to get me into Kelowna B.C. Tomorrow B&RK are playing Tinhorn Creek Winery in The South Okanagan… Music and excellent wine is a winning formula in my books and getting paid to combine the two is sublime good fortune. Back home, the dreaded “back to school” hoo-ha has ended and soon the pumpkins will be appearing as we head into Halloween and the season rolls on. Good summer for you? Me, I can’t complain… travelled a fair bit to festivals hither and yon both solo and with B&RK… This summer, Alberta seemed to be the place I visited the most, I even got up to the Interplay Festival in Fort McMurray, where East-Coasters flock in droves to work the rigs and the money is good… Fort McMoney they call it, strange place for sure… feels like the wild west with a lot of heavy equipment and even more showroom-new half-ton pickup trucks parked up and down the streets of town. Played for an hour and a half to a small crowd of people including a person in a full rabbit costume, who wandered through the crowd at regular intervals… at one point I asked if everybody else was seeing this or was it just me? Hello David Lynch. The next day I drove back to Edmonton and set up with The Rodeo Kings at The Edmonton Rock and Roll Festival. We were on between Kim Mitchell and Loverboy… no rabbit mascots this time, but a lot of beautifully tricked out Harley’s and a good time had by all. What can I say… it’s a beautiful life. The adventures continue with more shows in Canada , The US and (at last) a solo return visit to the UK. Read on!

Touring and touring and touring…

Canada, UK and US Tour dates:
I’m happy to tell you that I will be headed over to the UK this coming October to play a bunch of shows (details below or go to my website I’m also doing some more shows in Ontario, The US and Western Canada this fall, AND the first gallery show of my photographs  taken over the years, more on this later. For now, here are my tour dates up until Christmas, when I will be taking a short pause to breathe deeply and smell the turkey.

Between The Rumble Strips # 3Between The Rumble Strips
– My first gallery show of original photography

I’m standing at a window, I’m pressed against the past, I’m looking on in black and white through the eyes of photographs…
This line is from The Longest Road – one of my best known songs. The song was inspired by a photograph my mother has in her attic in Ireland, where I grew up. Ireland is a powerful place, full of great tragedy and overwhelming beauty.  Perhaps because of my youth in Ireland,  imagery has always been a very big part of my songwriting, I believe in the rule “show, don’t tell” and many of my songs are an attempt to put the listener in a place or into the feeling I had when I wrote the song, by using imagery… painting pictures with words. Photography, for me, has always been closely connected to this idea, capturing an image and trying to convey a mood or a feeling with shadow and light. For many years taking pictures was just something to do on tour,spurred on by the feeling that I was witnessing beautiful, fleeting things in my travels… but like a lot of people, I always had a fridge full of unprocessed film and the whole thing had more to do with taking the picture, than doing anything else with them. When the digital camera came along, my technical shortcomings as photographer were suddenly balanced by the ability to work with the image on my computer. One thing a touring musician has, is lots of down-time, in hotel rooms, backstage, in planes, trains and automobiles… to be able to disappear into the images and use that dead-time creatively has been a huge gift for me. In hindsight, it was just a matter of time before I started using these images on album covers and now, making the leap into showing my work publicly.


Driving through to midnight between the rumble strips
Never let your promises get too far from your lips

Black Silk Gown – Stephen Fearing

And so it is with great pleasure that I get to announce my first gallery show this coming Oct. 4th and 5th in Ottawa Ontario at Guild Gallerie 240 located at 240 Guigues Ave. Ottawa, On. The gallery is open to the public from 2pm to 6pm and I will be there both days to chat and tell you about the pictures. Hope you can make it. If you are unable to come, I will be bringing some of my work on tour with me, to have available at my merch. table. Or you can go to my website and peruse/purchase from the various on-line galleries. All photographs are available in a variety of different formats, and sizes.

Blackie and The Rodeo Kings / Fearing & White:
New albums on the way.

South /Tea and and Confidences
Yes indeed, next year is shaping up to be a very busy year with both bands releasing new albums. How are you going to juggle these two commitments (not to mention your solo work) Stephen?  I hear you ask… Well the truth is I don’t know, some careful scheduling and a little luck possibly. The worst thing that can happen to a touring musician is to find themselves (inadvertently) without work and grounded, looking at the calendar and realising, that for whatever reason, there is a giant hole in the itinerary where no gigs are marked and no income is expected. I’m being humorous(?), but it is actually quite terrifying and the kind of thing that no amount of melatonin will overcome. Combine this fear with a natural desire to play and create with different people and you have the makings of my 2014.

SouthSouth – Blackie and The Rodeo King’s new album, is due out on vinyl and CD in January of 2014. This album is a new twist for us – a completely acoustic recording – something that we started thinking about whilst performing around one microphone at radio stations and the like… a bare-bones chance for us to show you what it sounds like when we get together to jam and try out new songs offstage. At least that was where the record started, but after recording a bunch of material at Colin’s house in Nashville, we realised that this record was going to be more than that and deserved a wider scope, so we went back into the studio and recorded more new material. We plan to tour the daylights out of this album across Canada and down into the US, so keep an eye out for it and stay tuned, I’ll tell you more as it gets closer.
Tea and ConfidencesFearing & White is myself and Andy White –  (poet/songwriter/singer and hard-core troubadour who emerged from the Belfast punk-scene in the 80’s.) We’ve been pals and touring-mates for over a decade now, releasing our first record Fearing & Whitetwo years ago. Now I’m happy to report that we’ve just put the finishing touches to our next release. Tea and Confidences will be coming out in Canada – March 2014 with an immediate tour of the western provinces to follow and (no doubt) further touring across the rest of the country and overseas later in the year . On the last album we tried to hold the arrangements back to keep the album sounding like two guys in studio (with the odd track featuring drums). However this record is  fully realised – still mostly Andy and I, but with Gary Craig playing drums on most tracks and ray Farrugia – drums, Jeff Bird – harmonica guesting an a couple of tracks. Meanwhile Andy and I play a variety of acoustic and electric guitars, basses and even a mandolin. Unlike our last record, these songs were written over two quick sessions with the reality of living on different sides of the providing the impetus to “get ‘er done”. I will admit that having four days to write eleven songs was stressful, but I am really happy with the results and there is a lot to be said for deadlines. Unfortunately the artwork is not quite ready yet, so I can’t let you see anything… yet. Stay tuned.
AND FINALLY – ROOTS ON THE WIREMostly I wanted to say Thanks..
One of the highlights of the summer was  Roots On The Wire series, a live-stream concert series that ran the last Wednesday of roots-imageJune, July and August. Those of you who tuned in for the 2+ hour shows got to watch me try out something I’ve never done before – namely three live-streaming concerts on the internet… no audience in the room, just me, two tech/friends, a couple of mics and cameras and a couple of hundred people watching and chatting back and forth with each other from all over the globe. It was a great success and something I want to do again in the future – maybe bringing some guests into the “studio” with me… those of you who missed it, I will be posting clips from the shows on my Youtube channel and will post links on my website as well. All in all, ROTW was a great success and apart from occasional technical hiccups went smoothly and intimately. I will definitely be doing more of these shows. If you want to “follow” me on Google livestream, so you stay informed, go here, where the third and last show – (viewer’s choice – where you chose the setlist) is currently posted.So that’s it for now, hope to see you out on the road, and as always – thanks for listening.=SF=

Roots On The Wire Concert #3 – Viewer’s Choice!

August 22nd 2013

Roots-on-the-Wire-Facebook-3August 28th is fast approaching and the e-mails are starting to flood in with requests for this last show in the series. Yes, that’s right, YOU choose the setlist for this show. I will tabulate the votes and the ones with the most votes get played. This process will be rigorously vetted by a panel of Swiss judges, for impartiality and strict adherence to protocol etc. etc.


There is still time for you to get in on the action, so send your requests to



Several people have asked about how to make a donation to the “Pay What You Want” series. here are the links where you can make a donation. Suggested donation is $10, but don’t let fear hold you back….

Roots On The Wire #3. Many people have asked how they can make a donation for this “Pay What You Want” show. There are two ways you can do it:

1 – Paypal

2- IOU music’s site

Suggested donation for the show is $10… but don’t let fear hold you back and definitely let your conscience be your guide!!!!


The link for this Live-Stream concert is:

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