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Welcome to Roots On The Wire – Concert #3 – Viewer’s Choice

below you will find:

  • – Login information
  • – What to expect when you login.
  • – An overview of the series itself.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy this Live-Streaming Concert Series.



Login Information:

Today’s concert is available HERE

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Remember to log in to the Livestream feed at or before

  • 11:00pm NST 
  • 10:30 AST 
  • 9:30pm EST 
  • 8:30 CST
  • 7:30pm MST 
  • 6:30pm PST


What to expect when you login:

Some of you (many of you) may never have experienced a live stream concert before. It’s important to stress that the quality of the signal you receive (like radio) is contingent on many things, but most importantly on the speed of your internet connection. On our end, we have been lucky enough to get access (thank you Stuart Joliffe and Delta Halifax) to dedicated high-speed broadband… which is another way of saying we are sending out a good, strong signal.

When you login.

  • If you login early, you will see a  box with a welcome message and a countdown to broadcast.
  • At the appointed time, we will start to run a short opening montage with music – about two and a half minutes long (some of  you will recognise the tune I hope) and then the concert begins.

During the concert:

  • There is a “chat-room” function attached to this service, so you can ask me questions, interact with each other and generally commune whilst I am singing and playing – it’s like being able to talk to your friends at a concert or heckle the performer via text (hexting?)… If the chat function is bugging you, simply hover your cursor over the live-stream window and you will see a button that allows you to enlarge the screen and get rid of the chat area.


That’s it – hope you enjoy this. If you do, please tell your friends so that I can continue this series. Right now there are tentative plans for some shows this winter… I may bring in guests B&RK? Fearing & White? Erin Costello? Who knows.


Series Overview:

The idea behind this Live Stream concert series was hatched by my friend Matt Charlton and I, over coffee one afternoon. We thought it would be exciting to put together a series of three concert that are only accessible via the internet, so if you’re up at a cottage or still stuck in the city on the last Wednesday of June, July or August, you can tune in for a live mini-festival concert set from the comfort of your own WiFi. As well as the music, we will have a chat-room area where you can talk amongst yourselves without getting any dirty looks from fellow concert-goers, or ask me questions between songs… like “Why did you write that one Stephen?”, “What gauge strings do you use Stephen?”, “Is that water glass full of water Stephen?”… you get the picture. The idea is that we can interact, although mostly I will be playing and hopefully you will be listening. This is a big continent and that proves to be a challenge when it comes to picking a time when everybody can watch (and I can get to bed at a reasonable hour!) so…  shows will all kick off at 11:00pm NST / 10:30pm AST / 9:30pm EST / 8:30pm CST / 7:30 MST and 6:30pm PST  Confused? –check here). West Coasters can watch right after dinner and Newfoundlanders can watch on their laptop in bed… or when they get home from the pub. The rest of you? Well I hope it fits in with your evening plans… what else were you going to do on a Wednesday evening? So mark these dates on your calendar and plan to sit out on the back-deck or drag a deckchair out to the dock and put something decent in the ice bucket. Please tell your friends, I’ll do everything I can to publicise these shows (I’ll be tweeting using #rootsonthewire), but the more people you can tell, re-post to, tweet, talk to at the water cooler etc. etc. – the better. I will post each event on Facebook and hopefully you can make one or more of the shows. Further details and a link for the concerts will be right here on this page as soon as we get all the tech information completed. My plan is to make these shows look and sound as good as we can make them.

Show #1: June 26th -my current touring show
This show will be drawing from what is currently on my playlist in concert with the odd surprise thrown in… dealers choice. The show will be approximately 1.5 hours long comprising of roughly 14 songs.

Show #2 – July 31st – Yellowjacket
The Yellowjacket album in it’s entirety from beginning to end, solo and acoustic. I’ve never done this before, so it should be interesting to play these songs back to back. 11 songs. Probably about an hour+ with the stories behind the songs (tunings – guitar geek alert!) and other fascinating trivia.

Show #3 – August 28th – Fan’s Choice
You choose the setlist –  Send in a list  of your favourite 12 tunes. Songs that get the most votes will be played. Songs can be drawn from SF Solo, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Fearing & White… if I can play it (and enough of you vote for it) I will. Sign up for my mailing list and send your songlist to <>

Thanks for listening.