The Life

Stephen Fearing 1991 © Mummy Dust/ Fearing and Loathing Music

All the faces are engaged tonight
The conversation’s taken
The singer on the bandstand
Has a voice so close to breakin’
Pulling songs from a guitar
Dark with nicotine and time
And a sunburst top
That sets against the evening
And the showbusiness officials
Turn a deaf ear to the stage
Their hearts are locomotives
And their minds are narrow-guage
You can hate this way of living
You gotta love this way of life
Creativity and ambition will keep you hungry

A life of empty boxes
Rented rooms and hire cars
And the eyes that turn to watch you
In those little redneck bars
Midnight buses on the prairies
People curled inside themselves
So many things to feel
And nobody to tell
So you pick up your guitar
And you play it for yourself
These days you only play it seems
For everybody else
Pull the strings into you hands
And hold the wood against your hips
Unwind the miles of silence from you fingers

And tonight the songs are lost
Among the cartwheel chandeliers
The microphone is old
It tastes like bitterness and beer
Lyrics sink into the bottles
And the music disappears
And you’re thinking about where you’ll be tomorrow
Where the faces turn to listen
And the energy shifts and moves
Your voice goes reaching over
All the people in the room
Put your body to the rhythm
Roll the wheel into the road
Let the moment lift your heart and make it easy
Put your body to the rhythm
Roll the wheel into the road
Let the moment life your heart and make it easy
Make it easy.