Yellowjacket (2006)


Yellowjacket (2006)

  1. Yellowjacket [lyrics]
  2. The Man Who Married Music [lyrics]
  3. One Flat Tire [lyrics]
  4. Love Only Knows [lyrics]
  5. Like Every Other Morning [lyrics]
  6. When My Work Is Done [lyrics]
  7. Whoville
  8. This Guitar [lyrics]
  9. Johnny’s Lament [lyrics]
  10. Ball ‘N Chain [lyrics]

Yellowjacket marked a breakthrough in Stephen’s approach to his craft. On this recording he took on the job of producer for the first time since his early albums, and was thrilled with the results . “This was done in the most relaxed way I’ve ever made a record, and I hear that in my voice and guitar playing. Producing frees you up to be a lot less critical of yourself.”

Yellowjacket  also featured Scott Merritt (Fred Eaglesmith) who engineered and mixed the session. The title track was written with Tom Wilson. The idea was spawned following a drive they shared from Nashville to Ontario while taking Yellow Jacket caffeine pills to stay awake. The album features performances from Dan Whiteley (Heartbreak Hill), Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies), backing vocalist Suzie Vinnick, Josh Finlayson, Colin Linden, Gary Craig, John Dymond and Richard Bell.

Yellowjacket was heralded as “yet another masterpiece of intelligent songwriting.”by Exclaim! Magazine. It went on to earn Fearing his first solo JUNO Award, taking home the 2007 Roots & Traditional Album of the Year: Solo award.